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Wyld Creations is not a vendor at the 2014 ABTC National BUT we ARE GOING to the National and if you place an order in the next two weeks we are running a special! *March 26 – April 8, 2014*

First 10% off on all orders of Grooming Table Covers which can be customized with embroidery or just plain.

PLUS No shipping or handling charges if I deliver to the National!

I have time to create up to 20 grooming table covers OR Grooming Table Towels between March 26th and April 20th so get those orders in now!

You have a choice of Fleece fabric or terry cloth. PM me for more information!


Social Network like a Pro!

Ran across this great article today and wanted to share with my readers.   We all want to figure out how to best utilize Social Networking but how do we go about it when we don’t have a huge budget?

Facebook is your answer. 

Are YOU Utilizing Digital Marketing Opportunities?

First, let me say, I’m sorry that our posts have been a bit sporadic the past few weeks.  It is amazing how time consuming the after effects of a fire can be.  Trying to inventory a life time accumulation of ‘stuff’ is exceedingly time consuming, but in the end it will be done, the house renovated and better than new, and life back to normal in a few more months so it is all good (grin).

I just wanted to share a like to a great Mashable Article on 5 important digital marketing trends we should all be paying attention to!  Let me know what you think after reading and do you implement any of these technologies?

Thank you for your patience and the notes of encouragement as we rebuild bigger, better, stronger than before (grin).


FIRE! Now what?

I am a small business owner who works out of an office in my home.  I LOVE working from home. It gives me the ability to be involved  with the animals that inspired me to travel this path.  Saturday, February 1, 2012 at about 3:00pm I was home working on a project while my other half ran some errands.  He had started a load of laundry in the dryer before he left about a half hour earlier.

As I became involved in my work I tuned out most everything around me until I noticed  my lights flicker for a moment.  I looked up and a moment later noticed I smelled a hot electrical smell so off I went to see what was going on.  I went down stairs one level and saw smoke billowing from my basement and my evacuation plan kicked into play.  Grab car keys, pull dogs out into back yard, grab phone and call 9-1-1 while moving car up to shop.. get dogs out of back yard an into van now parked up at shop.  Call my other half and tell him our home is on fire and get home asap.

It all worked as planned.  Fire department showed up and saved the house from burning down to the ground.  We are going to be out of our home for a few months while repair work goes on but we’re safe and all is covered by good fire insurance for our home.

Somethings I thought of after the fact.  What if I’d lost my computer and my netbook in the fire?  Would I have lost all my work and my files?  Fortunately for me, I started saving things to DropBox back in 2010 so my work files are always available to me even if I don’t have access to my computer. My next job is to set up my accounting files on cloud as well.

We have a good insurance policy but we’d be in  a world of hurt if we did not.  Do you have full replacement value coverage?  Do you have your computer information no only backed up but located in a place you can access after a disaster?  What about an evacuation plan? Do you know how you’d leave your building safely?  Have you practiced what you would do?

Please take a few moments to review your evacuation plans, your backup computer protocol and schedule an insurance review to ensure you have adequate coverage. Thankfully it is business as usual at BlackFyre Media Works!, but if I’d failed to plan well I could be facing a total loss today.

Assumptions usually lead us down the wrong path

Assumptions usually lead us down the wrong path.

Because our business is to help other animal lovers who are in business, I thought I’d share this great, thought provoking blog post I ran across today.

If we think about it, this applies to many areas of life don’t you think?

WOW! Wednesday!

Wow, the days have been flying buy at a dizzying speed this  week here at BlackFyre Media Works! As I glance at my calendar and check some impending deadlines, I am struck that it is already noon on Wednesday, where did Sunday, Monday and Tuesday rush off to?  

Being a small business or non-profit you’re always trying to squeeze the most productivity you can out of each jam-packed day.  For a few ideas on how to emphasize the SMART portion of  your smartphone and keep yourself productive even when away from your home office, check out these 5 Mobile Apps designed with keeping you productive in mind! 

Would You Pay to Charge?

Technology can be a great thing and knowing how much energy something is using can be great to help with energy conservation but will Sony’s new technology mean the end of free charging your laptop, tablet or smartphone?

Check out the link below to learn more about how this new technology may become integrated into pay to charge electrical outlets.



Every Dog Has Its Day

The Grammys, the Oscars, the Golden Globe.  Humans have a wide range of awards ceremonies and recognition in Hollywood and now canine actors have their own chance to march down the red carpet and receive what is sure to become the coveted Golden Collar.  Follow the link below to learn more!

Every Dog Has Its Day


A Fresh Tart! (ok really start!)

Choosing the path to self employment is a lot like  being a successful chef.  You have to understand how to combine ingredients that might seem unlikely to succeed as a tasty dish in the eyes of others but to the eyes of the master chef  the vision leads to  flavors that combine to create the dish that jumps out and grabs your taste buds in an exciting way.

I invite you to sit back, grab a beverage of your choice and read about  my tales of adventure as  I blend a heaping cup of  marketing and sales experience ( over 25 yrs ) with a large dash of communications skills (working in the publishing industry as well as independent contractor content writer and advertising development ) briskly folded into a  life time of passion for dogs and horses.  Add a pinch of humor, a sprinkle of hard work and bake 7 days a week, 365 days a year to grow into a company that enjoys helping small businesses and non-profits that specialize in the pet care  industries, with a heavy emphasis on all things Canine and Equine.

Some of my dishes will rise to the challenge and impress the diners.  Some may, like a fussy souffle, look great in the oven but fall the first time we turn the light on to check on its progress and we have to start over with a back up main dish.  Thankfully a great cup of espresso or a relaxing glass of wine is likely to recharge our creative flow and help us serve up a five-star meal of customer satisfaction every time.

I hope you’ll come back and sample my offerings regularly, leave me tips and suggestions you’ve found that make success taste a little sweeter and maybe even learn about a few new ideas to help season your own success.  If life is like a box of chocolate I want to sample the whole box!

Karyn Cowdrey – Owner, BlackFyre Media Works!

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